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He goes to Piero's every Thanksgiving and feeds hundreds of needy people.

And he treats them with dignity." The Mayor even went so far as to pay a personal visit to my home to try to appease me.

Rick Rizzolo made his fortune by paying off crooked cops, politicians, DAs and judges to keep a lid on his and his associate's criminal activities.

It has now taken the FBI and IRS to clean up what we on a local level should have had the courage to stop years ago.

Rizzolo is no stranger to the federal court system. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the appeal of Rizzolo’s stepmother Kimtran Rizzolo that the money was transferred to pay debts prior to the judgment.

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After the November hearing, Campbell had harsh words for Rizzolo. Rizzolo is one of the most despicable human beings I have ever dealt with in my professional career either as a prosecutor or as a civil litigant,” he said.In 2000, Rizzolo sued me for libel and came close to getting a compromised state court judge to issue a gag order stopping my reports, but she backed down at the last minute when the ACLU and Las Vegas Review Journal intervened.Undaunted, I kept reporting, and the suit was dismissed.District Attorney David Roger, after accepting, then purportedly returning, ,000 in campaign contributions from Rizzolo, during the first week he was in office in 2003 dropped five LVMPD cases waiting for prosecution against employees of the Crazy Horse.The first day after Roger's reelection in 2006, he plea bargained a Trafficking in Controlled Substance charge against Rick Rizzolo's brother Ralph down to Misdemeanor Possession, and in 2008, refused to vigorously prosecute Rizzolo's son for stabbing a man during a botched extortion attempt..

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